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Dear Young Lady,

You are beautiful! You are valued! You are born to lead! It is my heart that you will never let go of your virtue, your power, your purpose and your crown which is your confidence. I am indeed grateful to all of our families, the leadership and to all who support the vision, mission and purpose of First Ladies Youth Leadership. Our work  continues.

During the years 2009-2011, Lady Antoinette L. Dunstan found her life’s purpose. In September of the year 2011, she birthed First Ladies Youth Leadership & Etiquette Institute, as a 21-day afterschool program for girls in grades 6-8 at Memorial Middle School, Conyers, Georgia. During the month of October of the same year, The Institute began holding afterschool meetings with a charter group of 6 female students. In the year 2012, First Ladies Youth Leadership & Etiquette Academy offered a 21-day summer leadership program for girls ages 10-18 at Eastminster School, a private school in Conyers, Georgia. With excitement for the future, Lady Dunstan along with Lady Widza Robinson, Ph.D, the Founder of Bright Future for Kids Tutoring Center, began offered leadership and enrichment workshops for 5 young ladies – “the favored five.”

In 2016, Lady Dunstan merged the two organizations and the establishment of First Ladies Youth Leadership, Inc. (First Ladies) was formalized. Headquartered in the State of Georgia, First Ladies Youth Leadership, Inc. mission is to train and equip girls around the world to be positive global change agents; and to dominate in the ten strategic cultures of the nations of the world with strength and dignity. With a focus on the following pillars: (1) purpose (2) mentorship (3) sisterhood (4) high school and college readiness (5) civic engagement (6) leadership (7) career readiness (8) entrepreneurship (9) etiquette/social skills (10) building strong families, First Ladies Youth Leadership, Inc. has been providing the next generation of female leaders with first class development.

The First Ladies family is humbled by the opportunity to serve youth and has now served approximately 180 girls and their families from grades 5 to 12 throughout its lifespan as a community organization. We consider ourselves to be an extension of the “village” and in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King – the beloved community. We are truly grateful to God, all of our young ladies, their parents and to all those who have supported our dream to educate, empower and equip girls around the world. First Ladies is a Georgia recognized not-for-profit corporation.

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